March 2021

Digital transformation has accelerated the usage of data in multiple folds. It’s perhaps the new fuel for businesses, considering commoditization and the online shift has impacted most industries since the pandemic arrived. In the previous year, the sudden increase in demand for data was felt like never before. As more businesses begin to migrate their IT infrastructure to easily-accessible platforms, the demand for colocation centres is observed to be on the rise. A colo or colocation centre is a facility that offers space with proper power, cooling, and security, bandwidth for smooth operations, and physical security to host businesses. Considered as an alternative to traditional hosting, colocation facilities may house multiple businesses depending on the requirements of each. Among the various benefits of the colocation data centre is that it provides a high-performance environment for a loaded IT infrastructure. Moreover, colocation gives access to dedicated, private connection options

Any industry that makes extensive use of IT equipment would be aware of the amount of effort it requires to maintain a Controlled Environment for their Equipment. The majority of Servers generate a lot of heat in a relatively smaller form factor. Since in due course of Computing these devices dissipate a lot of heat which has to be addressed with a proper cooling Strategy or otherwise, they can hinder the overall efficiency of a data centre. If these IT equipment are not kept in a controlled environment, they may suffer Pre-Mature failure. It is important to ensure that cabinets, where your Mission-critical equipment is mounted, do not get overheated due to lack of cooling and poor airflow management. Netrack, one of India’s leading manufacturer of rack enclosures vouch for their iRack Series when it comes to Self-Cooled Racks. These systems offer a unique