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Outdoor floor mount racks are a perfect example of technology combining with innovation. The product caters to the IT industry by hosting, organizing, and managing IT equipment and accessories. Hence, outdoor floor mount racks are essential to modern communication systems, and networking infrastructure. They are designed to provide a secure and reliable storage solution for various types of equipment, including servers, routers, switches, and other networking components. Why do you need outdoor floor mount racks? Manufacturing the outdoor floor mount racks aims to accommodate switches and other important IT equipment in the outdoor ecosystem. It improves the aesthetics and functional aspect of the place. The outdoor floor mount racks are available in different sizes, making it easy to adjust, install, and customize as per requirement. The floor mount racks designed and manufactured by Netrack are durable and robust enough to support any equipment weight. In addition, the inbuilt security locks and

Racks play a critical role in providing a framework for housing servers, equipment, networking devices, and cables. Therefore, based on the requirement and the available space, a rack is selected. However, it cannot be denied that a modular floor-standing enclosure is better than most available choices. Floor mount rack – what makes them special A floor mount rack is designed to be installed in compact areas where space is a constraint. Compact in size, hence easy to place.It can be used for smaller data storage requirements.Best suited for residential, SOHO applications.Features include doors, mounting plate, top cover, rear panel, and side rails. The racks are powder-coated for long-term sustainability. Enhanced capability with features and accessories Floor mount racks are available in different sizes. The FM series floor mount racks are used for small networking setup, AV, and telecom applications. Their frame is integrated with