Power is an essential component of IT infrastructure, specifically AC power that has replaced DC power in data centers. Hence, for seamless operation of systems within the data center, rack optimization including efficient power cord routing has become essential. Now, considering the attention the power cords deserve, its durability, flexibility, available color codes, and cost also requires careful assessment. Power cords as per requirement Selecting an appropriate power cord might seem like a mundane task, but it can have a significant impact on the efficiency and reliability of the overall setup of a data center. Since sensitive and expensive IT equipment are dependent upon the power cables, a compromise on the quality of the product can cost heavily. Netrack strongly believes in choosing thick color-coded cables for long-term usage, while the thin ones should be used where flexibility and airflow are the priority. However, above anything else, while opting for a power cord, it must

All you need to know about power cords An accidental pullover or any unplanned power outage adversely affects critical business operations. Such downtime negatively impacts a company's credibility, interrupts the organizational workflow, and causes substantial financial loss. Now, primarily accidental pullovers happen due to loose connections in the plug and socket section. However, manhandling of cords is also another reason for such a mishap. This is critical since it can lead to accidents apart from equipment downtime. Hence, securing the cord and socket area with a good-quality product is essential. Business loss due to downtime Despite strategic contingency plans, power shutdowns not only hinder the functioning of an enterprise for a specific timeframe but also hampers the regular and seamless operation of any industrial setup. According to secondary research, an average downtime can cost an organization loss of approximately $5,600 per minute. This is a challenge faced by almost all industry verticals. However, since this results in the expensive and unplanned