April 2023

Although the digital world we live in today is enhanced in innovation and progress, there are certain annoying aspects we cannot avoid—for example, the constant buzzing noise from the equipment in a server room. Prolonged exposure to such noise in a high-technology workspace can lead to a loss of productivity. It can also lead to depression and hearing impairment. A solution to reduce noise The soundproof rack is an ideal option to minimize this sound since they are equipped with active noise-cancellation technology, which is highly effective in reducing low-frequency noise. In addition, a soundproof server cabinet is designed to reduce noise created by high frequency waves by blocking or absorbing these sound waves. This is achieved through several different mechanisms: Sound-absorbing materials: The cabinet is lined with materials that absorb sound waves, such as acoustic foam or fiberglass insulation. These materials are designed to trap sound waves and prevent them from bouncing

Data centers require an uninterrupted electricity supply for the electronic devices it hosts to function correctly. A power surge or any power outage can damage the equipment and cripple the overall functioning of the data center. Hence, modern data centers are empowered with dual power sources for consistent power supply to mitigate such risks. Further, to make the process smooth for efficient business continuity, a safe transfer switch (STS) is designed to cater to any single power source within the system. Understanding STS An STS is an electrical device that switches the supply of power from one source to another, such as switching from a utility power supply to a backup generator during a power outage. The STS ensures the power transfer is done safely and efficiently without interrupting the power supply. It can be done either manually or automatically when the device senses the power outage and

Outdoor floor mount racks are a perfect example of technology combining with innovation. The product caters to the IT industry by hosting, organizing, and managing IT equipment and accessories. Hence, outdoor floor mount racks are essential to modern communication systems, and networking infrastructure. They are designed to provide a secure and reliable storage solution for various types of equipment, including servers, routers, switches, and other networking components. Why do you need outdoor floor mount racks? Manufacturing the outdoor floor mount racks aims to accommodate switches and other important IT equipment in the outdoor ecosystem. It improves the aesthetics and functional aspect of the place. The outdoor floor mount racks are available in different sizes, making it easy to adjust, install, and customize as per requirement. The floor mount racks designed and manufactured by Netrack are durable and robust enough to support any equipment weight. In addition, the inbuilt security locks and