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Get Better Productivity at Workplace and Reduced Noise with Acoustic Rack Solutions

The noise from active IT equipment in a high-technology workspace or public area can lead to an increase in health issues. These health problems may not seem active but they impact the productivity of an employee in different ways, like work slowdown due to depression, prolonged exposure resulting in Alzheimer’s and Dementia, lack of innovative idea and creative thinking. While locating noisy equipment near employees is avoidable, cost or space constraints prohibit sparing of everyone from the effect. In situations like these, keeping unwanted sound to a minimum can not only improve working environment but also help in good safety and better productivity.

Acoustic racks the best solution to host such noise-producing devices in an IT environment. Best soundproof server cabinets can reduce noise by a good level of 30 dBA. The acoustic server cabinets that achieve this superior level of attenuation are lined with heavy-duty, multilayer acoustic material on all inside surfaces.

With an optimally designed cooling system, the acoustic rack cabinets allow for better thermal and airflow management as compared to other server racks. Acoustic cabinets with ASFT [Active Silencer Fan Tray] provide ventilation by forcing air into and out of an enclosure while preventing noise from escaping. These soundproof rack cabinets are lined with an acoustic material with noise-cancelling technology which is highly effective in reducing low-frequency noise. The ASFT in acoustic racks reduces the noise produced by auxiliary fans and installed equipment noise to the surrounding noise level.

The performance of an acoustic rack relies much upon the design and the acoustic material used to remove noise emittance from enclosed sources as much as possible. The audibility in a work environment like an office space can rank anywhere between 48 dBA to 78 dBA. So, if a device reduces the noise level to 30 dBA, it would mean sound of a whisper’s level. Netrack’s Acoustic Rack Active provides noise level reduction up to 30 dBA.

Acoustic cabinets with passive foaming use the internal temperature differential in the rack to draw ambient air from the dust filters. The airflow remains undisturbed as it enters from the front and is expelled at the rear. This airflow management through passive cooling can handle up to 7kW of IT load.Due to an undisturbed airflow, heat dissipation within the equipment is easily possible.

Extreme energy consumption is one of the key challenges data centers face. Acoustic Rack Active cabinets from Netrack avoids equipment burnout through an excellent thermal management system, thus freeing companies from paying exorbitant energy bills.

When it comes to occupying space, floor space in a corporate environment is expensive. An acoustic rack offers the advantages of a server room without taking up much space. Acoustic enclosures can be placed in any area without compromising the office design.

Acoustic racks are the best soundproof server cabinets for an office, school, healthcare facility or any location that requires employees working in the same space where servers are placed. Opt for a better productivity workplace, reduce noise with an acoustic rack.

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