42U Server Rack

What is a 42U server rack?

What is a 42U server rack?

When you are working on setting up a server rack, deciding equipment mounting option can be quite a task. There are several rack sizes to fit all the needs for using a server, but it is difficult to identify which would suit your requirement. Before getting into the details of which server rack would work best for a requirement, let’s first take a look at basics of a server rack.

What is a server rack?

A server rack is specifically designed to hold and organize a major IT equipment which mostly consists of more than one hardware. Stacking servers and other IT equipment in a rack help in keeping things organized, while providing for easy airflow and security.‘U’ is a measure of the IT equipment. One U space is equivalent to 44.45mm / 1.75 inches.

Need for a rack-mounted server

Server chassis is designed in a way that they can be mounted on a rack. This is designed in order to reduce the Foot Print and offering Provision to stack more IT Equipment in a Single Rack for better Management.

Server racks offer businesses the ability to maximize the potential of their servers. The 42U server rack is the most widely sought today. Let’s see why.

-Different sizes of the rack like 32U, and 38U cost customers a lot considering the server limit may exceed depending on the business growth, and they need to continuously update their rack sizes to fit in the capacity. Therefore, 42U act as a standard size to address all such basic size needs.

-The 42U server rack is designed specifically for the better performance of servers. They have 76% perforation on the doors which enables a good airflow within the enclosure, thus preventing overheating related problems.

-Accessibility is easier considering the height of 2100mm

Server racks are the platform that allows a company or individual to maximize their potential. And since servers are the most important component of a network system, they must be well maintained.

So, if you are looking for a server rack that ensures easy routine maintenance while securing your server with better performance. There are rigid racks for servers, Networking, AV, Telecom, and Lab application.

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