Soundproof Server Rack

How can I soundproof a server rack?

Being an active part of the digital age, we are well aware of how annoying can the buzzing noise from equipment be. It is even more problematic when we are required to be productive, but the constant sound becomes a hindrance. This noise from active IT equipment in a high-technology workspace can lead to health issues like loss of productivity, work slowdown due to depression, and hearing impairment. Prolonged exposure can lead to serious health issues too.

The soundproof Server rack is an ideal option to minimize this sound. Switching to an acoustic rack can reduce the noise drastically to a level of 30 dBA. The audibility in an office space can vary anywhere between 48dBA to 78 dBA. So, if a device reduces the noise limit up to 30 dBA, it would mean the sound equivalent to that of a whisper’s level. Designed specifically to get rid of the equipment noise, an acoustic rack is considered the best soundproof server cabinet as they are lined with a fire retardant, multilayer acoustic material within the inner surfaces to achieve a superior level of noise reduction from high-frequency noise. Hence, the Acoustic Rack Active from Netrackis a desirable solution for such noise issues. 

Soundproof rack cabinets are also equipped with Active noise-cancelling technology which is highly effective in reducing low-frequency noise. The ASFT(Active Silence Fan tray) in acoustic racks reduces the noise produced by auxiliary fans and installed equipment noise to the surrounding noise level

An optimally designed cooling system allows for better thermal and airflow management in acoustic racks to prevent the equipment from overheating, avoiding equipment burnout while saving the firm from paying exorbitant bills. This is a major reason why industries like Hospitals, Hospitality, Airports, Educational Institutions, Finance, and R&D Labs deploy acoustic racks for regular usage.

Acoustic cabinet enclosures are easy to set up as they are fully assembled when they arrive, thus allowing firms to use the existing office space appropriately. What’s more is that acoustic cabinets can be customized to suit the aesthetics of a workspace, located in any area including hallways, without having to compromise on the office design.

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