Seismic Server Racks

Are server racks secured against an earthquake?

Using racks to keep your IT equipment organized is a safe and efficient method to continue daily operations at a firm. However, the physical nature of the equipment puts it at risk of structural damage, especially when located in a zone where severe weather conditions or other natural calamities like an earthquake can be devastating. Since companies need to physically safeguard their equipment, it is important to ensure that the equipment enclosure is seismic proof.

In such a situation specialized racks can help in minimizing excessive motion that could otherwise disrupt the normal functioning of the servers within an enterprise.

A couple of points to consider when operating in the seismic region include…

  • Know your zone

One of the prior things to check when installing IT equipment is the location. It is advisable to collect and analyze the local seismic data for recent years. Seismic standards are often mentioned in terms of risk zones with respect to earthquakes. The seismic zones vary from 0 to 5, with zero to three at lesser risk, and beyond three at higher. An earthquake-proof rack is highly recommended for zones three and above.

  • Install seismic server racks

Seismic racks have enhanced bases and stronger anchoring hardware to keep the rack in place and protected. For example, the best seismic rack cabinets are made in adherence to high-density applications for companies that operate in seismic zones. The best quality seismic rack like the NRSs series from Netrack India offers distinctive features. Made for high-density application in IT industry, and for IT rooms located in medium and high-risk seismic zones, this product offers four distinctive bracing option like High Tension Bracing Bolt, Anti-vibration Mount Pads, Ultra Rigid Bracing frame with mandatory Top bracing to be able to mount the rack on True floor or the raised floor based on its type for the highest level of protection. The product also tackles the Airflow management issues with the accessories like Blanking Panel, Air Seal Kit & Brush module for efficiency to ensure effective airflow management within the cabinet specifically for the Data-Center industry.

  • Certification of the rack

The top-quality seismic server racks undergo workshop operations such as punching and forming, followed by intense quality testing to have them adhere to the best displacement distribution required for protection from earthquakes. Racks which are UL certified, conforms to Seismic Standards like Telcordia (formerly Bellcore) GR-63-CORE or IEC 61587-2 or any other equivalent standards are always considered best in quality.

There are a number of ways to protect a piece of equipment from getting damaged due to an earthquake. However, sometimes even with the best preventive measures, damage cannot be avoided in case of an accident. And that is why it is suggested that companies keep a note of things to consider when buying a server rack. It’s always better to have a seismic rack protect the equipment, just in case there is a noteworthy seismic activity in a high-risk zone.

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