Low Density AC RAck Cooling Requirement

Right cabinet to manage your low-density cooling requirement

The IT industry across the globe has embraced digitalization with rapid speed. Such a transformation has been triggered due to the growing data volumes. Since the IT industry is revolving around data, it has become essential to migrate data in IT infrastructure to both Cloud and on-premise data centers. The focus is to implement an efficient, reliable, and environment-friendly Setup with a self-cooling option to cater to even small business centers.

Top challenges in maintaining Racks with smaller loads

1. Maintaining of Controlled Environment.

2. Thermal monitoring

3. Managing power and network cables

4. Small space

5. Capex and Opex Cost

With the growing importance of data centers and the progress within the IT infrastructure, a data center with self-cooling capability is a sustainable solution as we know that it is essential to maintain a set temperature for mission-critical IT infrastructure. However, doing so especially within a small setup is extremely difficult and time-consuming. In such situations, self-cooling racks are ideal. They are designed to cater to IT setups which are placed in Comfort cooling or Natural cooling environment such as; cafeterias, warehouses, and shop floors.

Cost, safety, and sustainability are the determining factors that make these racks valuable. To add to the convenience, a 0.7 KW to 7 KW panel mount cooling solution can be adjusted on all sides of the rack basis the length, depth, and width measurement to ensure adequate cooling from all sides.

NetRack introduces AC Rack manufactured of steel sheet ensuring highest quality standards under stringent ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 27001 | ISO 45001 Manufacturing and Quality management system. This product is UL certified.

This rack has a self-cooling capability and is ideal for small IT Setups such as; warehouses, shop floors, etc., especially those without air conditioning. It is scalable and designed with rational functionality. It is safe and empowers modern workspace with durability and cost-efficiency based on quality and reliability.

Features of the AC Rack

1.     IP-50 enclosures with appropriate cable management accessories

2.     Cable entry and exit through Brushs

3.     Easy to operate

4.    Compact design

5.    Scalable

6.    Easy to deploy

7.    Industrial Grade cooling unit

8.     Remote location monitoring and maintenance feasibility

9.    Digital display for quick review

About NetRack:

NetRack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of rack cabinets. The company focuses on improving the capability, scalability, and sustainability of IT infrastructure. The objective is to empower even the small offices with efficient data center setups that have long-term sustainability. The product offering of the company varies from storage to infrastructure units manufactured with the following certifications.

– ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System

– ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management System

– ISO 45001: 2018 for Occupational Health and Safety 

NetRack product offerings

1.     Data Center Racks

2.    Acoustic Racks

3.    iRack and iRack Blocks

4.    Server and Networking Racks

5.    High-Density Open & Closed Racks

6.    Data Center Technology Products

7.    Customized Racks

8. Lab Racks and Furniture

For an efficient, compact, secure, and cost-effective data center solution and management, NetRack offers ideal products that are compatible with modern business.

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