How to share a cabinet with multiple customers without compromising the physical security?

Technology played a key role in the way the IT industry evolved with time. Innovation and the zeal to transform tasks into robust and meaningful applications have enabled us to widen our spectra and introduce effective ways to manage IT infrastructure and services. We at Netrack understand the importance of an IT infrastructure and agree on improving its efficiency to create an ideal ecosystem for the organization using it.

Sharing a cabinet

The focus is on deploying an efficient IT infrastructure apart from creating easy support and maintenance for it. So, we developed a rational and futuristic IT infrastructure solution that is reliable, and cost-efficient. These racks are in high demand due to the current pandemic scenario that resulted in the growing data volume across the IT industry. As a result, the IT enterprises started to migrate their data in the form of IT infrastructure to Cloud services. This led to the increase in demand for efficient data centers with support and maintenance.

Thus, emerged the concept of sharing cabinets between organizations without compromising on the security aspect and individual requirements from such colocation facilities. To understand this new demand, one needs to comprehend what a colocation facility is and what it does to improve the existing data center capability.

What is a colocation facility?

A colocation facility is a cost-efficient data center that can be rented by an organization to build its server space. Such a facility is usually a shared space where a building with necessary infrastructure facilities such as power, cooling, bandwidth, and security both physical as well as software-based is offered to the organization renting a colocation facility. A colocation facility is an agile data center solution as compared to its traditional counterpart where a data center for one company used to be spread across the entire DC floor. A colocation facility is boxed in containment with proper caging either with multiple racks or just a portion of the cabinet based on the organization’s requirement.

We make it secure!

Although the demand for colocation facilities is growing, yet one cannot deny the security risk associated with such shared Setup. To negate any such risk factor and to make a shared cabinet successful, Netrack built a rack and assigned it to its users in portions. Each such portion allotted to a user is secure with the design of the cabinet that has multi compartments and partitions. We designed it with individual sections for the cables with channels and organizers. Also, each compartment allotted to a customer comes with a unique lock for the front, rear as well as side panels. Hence, a single cabinet can be used by more than one customer without compromising on the security features or physical settings.

Places Such cabinet can be utilized

  • IT industry
  • Telecom industry
  • Co-working place

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