October 2020

The paradigm shift in business operations and norms of the 'new normal' demands effective space management and reduced operating costs. Ease of use, customized solutions, and speed of execution has made technological innovations a need of the hour. Companies that use technology as a part of their operations require Captive Server/Hub rooms with high security and efficient operation as these servers are the lifeline of the organization. Top challenges in server installations and maintenance Infrastructure build time. Cumbersome start and run time.Flexibility and scalability.Effective airflow management.Security issues.Heavy on the pocket.Compliance and certifications. Introducing NetRack Enclosures' intelligent technological device - the iRack server rack is designed as a Self-Cooling, Self-Powered, and Self-Contained Rack, this technology capsule is ideal for small data centres, Hub Rooms & compact office spaces. The iRack is suitable for premises within the banking & insurance sector, warehouses, manufacturing sector, and educational institutions offering a unique edge to modern workplaces. IRack is