How to manage cabinets with very low-density cooling requirements?

AnIT Rack is a power hub with computing capabilities that uses a lot of electricity. It generates a fair share of heat that requires continuous monitoring and regulation with cooling infrastructure solutions. Thus, a cooling strategy is essential to ensure the overall efficiency of anIT Infrastructure installed inside the cabinet.

Server density and heat generation

According to secondary research, the average temperature of an IT Rack should vary between 18 and 27 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity between 20 to 80 percent. Based on the servers and the size of the Cabinet, heat generation varies. For example; a low-density server generates less heat. Hence, it is relatively simple and cost-efficient to manage cabinets with low power consumption and heat generation.

Strategize cooling solutions

Traditional Server Room uses air conditioners as a cooling technique. While couple of Smaller set ups will have very low density of Cooling requirement. Currently, the cooling technique for such a small setup areSelf-Cooled and Self-Contained Racks.

AC Rack deployment

NetRack being a leading rack enclosure manufacturer, designed Self-Cooled and Self-Contained Racks with air conditioning installed within the rack itself to house critical IT equipment.

Small setups such as; shops, cafeterias, and warehouses mostly lack air conditioning and to separately create optimal cooling for a smaller setup is expensive. For such scenarios, as a cost-effective solution, NetRack introduced the Panel Mount self-cooling server rack. The AC Rack offers a cooling capacity of 0.7kW to 7kW along with the following features.

  1. This cooling solution ensures a panel-mount cooling system from all sides of the rack for effective cooling.
  2. It requires minimal maintenance.
  3. It is ideal for remote locations.
  4. Smaller Foot Print

We at NetRack ensure that the AC racks are manufactured with the highest quality steel sheets certified by ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 27001 | ISO 45001 Manufacturing and Quality management system. Hence the self-cooling racks are reliable, durable, and cost-efficient.

AC Rack cabinet has the following advantages that make it ideal for Smaller setup with the low-density cooling requirement. They are;

  • It has IP-50 enclosures to manage Airflow Management efficiently
  • It offers PG glands for cable entry/exit
  • Easy to operate, one can plug and play
  • Design is compact
  • The deployment process is easy so saves time
  • Comes with the varied capacity cooling unit
  • Monitoring and maintenance are simple with digital display

NetRack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. offers cabinets or racks suitable for data centers with even low-density cooling requirements. Such a cooling solution is ideal in the long run due to its low maintenance. Visit us to gain clarity on our offerings.

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