Adopter kit with loop

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Adopter Kit used in 800 wide Racks, which converts to 19" Standard with provision of Cable Management. The Adopter made of Formed Steel and Powder coated will have a provision to fix either Loop or Channel and Modular. NetRack offers both Loop type and Channel type Cable management, this comes with 3 variants :

  • Front & Back Loops
  • Front Closed with Door & Back Loops
  • Front & Back Closed with Doors

Technical Specification

Model Matrix & Dimensions
Description Part No. Construction
19" Adoptor Kit/XXU/Loops AK-XX-L Formed Steel & Powder Coated
19" Adoptor Kit/XXU/Loops/ Type1 AK-XX-L-001
19" Adoptor Kit/XXU/Closed/ Door/100-2 AK-XX-CD-100-2
19" Adoptor Kit/XXU/Closed/ Door/100x100-4 AK-XX-CD-100-4
19" Adoptor Kit/XXU/Closed/ Door/150-2 AK-XX-CD-150-2
19" Adoptor Kit/XXU/Closed/ Door/150x150-4 AK-XX-CD-150-4
Adopter Kit with Loop