Fiber Termination Unit


LIU manufactured out of steel sheet punched, formed, welded and Powder coated with highest quality standards under stringent ISO 9001-2008 Manufacturing & Quality management system to ensure highest quality product.

Standard model will be I U / 19" box with options of front coupler plates.

Technical Specification

Technical Data:
Basic Chasis Steel
Construction Sliding Type
Mounting 19"/21" Rack Mount
Standard Finish Powder Coated
Slicing & Cable Management PVC
Standard Colour Grey & Off White or Black
Model Matrix & Dimensions
Description Part No.
LIU/6Port/1U LIU-6P-1
LIU/12Port/1U LIU-12P-1
LIU/24Port/1U LIU-24P-1
Front Panel 3+3/Duplex FP-33-D-SC
Front Panel 6+6/Duplex FP-66-D-SC
Front Panel 12+12/Duplex FP-1212-D-SC
Front Panel 3+3/Simplex FP-33-S-SC
Front Panel 6+6/Simplex FP-66-S-SC
Front Panel 12+12/Simplex FP-1212-S-SC


  • Other Colour powder coating on request.