• ELM Combination Handle Unit with Integrated Keypad
  • The Combination Handle Unit is o spring loaded handle with o operating module key pad
  • The keypad unit allows the selection of doors within the complete system, as well os an input of the access code of the selected door
  • The integrated locking unit lets at a triggered impulse the handle jump from the hollow so that it can be pressed
  • The integrated reed contact reports the current operation status of the handle (open/closed) to the connected modules for further processing.
  • The keypad has access to all of the other connected locking systems. In turn, the handle device can be opened also from other operation modules or via software from the PC
  • The access code system allows forming of groups from handles with different opening permissions which can be subdivided hierarchically

Technical Specification

Model Matrix
Description Part Code
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/1Point+1Point/Soutco RAC-014-01-S
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/1Point+3Point/Soutco RAC-014-02-S
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/3Point+3Point/Soutco RAC-014-03-S
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/4Point+3Point/Soutco RAC-014-04-S
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/4Point+4Point/Soutco RAC-014-05-S
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/1Point+1Point/EMKA RAC-014-01-E
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/1Point+3Point/EMKA RAC-014-02-E
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/3Point+3Point/EMKA RAC-014-03-E
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/4Point+4Point/EMKA RAC-014-04-E
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/4Point+3Point/EMKA RAC-014-05-E