Vertical Cable Organizers

Vertical Cable Organizers


VCO Specially designed to meet the price challenges of low & Medium density cable management where in remain rack space will used for other equipment mounting

Cable Organizer frame manufactured out of Rigid PVC with punched side slots for cable entry/exit with highest quality standards under stringent ISO 9001-2008 Manufacturing & Quality management system to ensure highest quality product.

Standard configuration will be 4 Inch, 6 lnch, with cover on Front or Front & Back and Bracket for mounting on rack. Available in Front OR Front & Back Variants.

Technical Specification

Model Matrix & Dimensions
Description Part No.
Vertical Cable Organizer/4 inch/Front/45U/ PVC VCO-45-4-F
Vertical Cable Organizer/4 inch/Front & Back/45U/PVC VCO-45-4-FB
Vertical Cable Organizer/6 inch/Front/45U/ PVC VCO-45-6-F
Vertical Cable Organizer/6 inch/Front & Back/45U/PVC VCO-45-6-FB