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About Netrack

The advent of computers heralded the birth of many industries in support of it. The rapid growth and advancement in technology that is being witnessed every day necessitates the setting up of data centers with associated paraphernalia of storage systems, networking and telecommunications to handle voluminous data that is threatening to grow exponentially by the minute snowballing into an avalanche.

All this comes with a heavy price tag of increased complexity in setting up and maintenance of the same. There are many constraints and challenges faced by industries today.

The complexities include dealing with copious amounts of cables that connect various components to achieve synchronicity amidst the chaos. The vital components like huge servers and storage systems need to be organized and well accommodated within the given space. As these electronic components consume huge power, they are also subjected to overheating and thus the need arises for cooling systems.

Most importantly security has always been a major concern and issue. As these systems store sensitive data which cannot be compromised, the need for their protection and denial of unauthorized access was of paramount importance.

The need of the hour today is an industry that addresses the constraints and takes over the nitty-gritty's of the backend and offers the Clients the luxury of carrying on the business at hand.

Having studied and understood the challenges faced by these industries, NetRack offers an array of services that serve to Store, Secure, Integrate and Systemize passive and active network components like:

  • Data Center Racks
  • Acoustic Racks
  • iRack & iRack Blocks
  • Server & Networking Racks
  • High Density Open & Closed Racks
  • Data Center Technology Products
  • Customized Racks
  • Lab Racks & Furnitures