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Intelligent rack access controller


iLock controller, designed and manufactured with highest quality standards to control & manage front & back door of Rack / Enclosures. The system is reliable easy to install with minimum support and can be Installed in new Racks and retrofitted on existing Racks

All critical components installed in 1U enclosure with external connectors for easy installation, different readers & lock options Available to meet the requirement of the industry.

The product consist of three major components

  • Controller
  • Reader
  • Mechatronics Locks

Technical Specification

Technical Data:
CPU ARM 32 Bit RISC Processor
Memory Up to 8 MB (Flash)
No. Of. Doors 2
No. Of Readers 2
Events/Transactions 1,00,000
No. Users 50,000
Web Server Yes
Reader Interface Wigand Upto 34 Bit
Input 4
Output 4
Communication Port TCP/IP, Rs485
Fire Integration Yes
Intrusion Integration Yes
LCD 16X2 LCD Display
Keypad 4X3 Key with Soft Keypad
Baud Rate 96000bps (Default)
Controller ID Unlimited
Language English
Power Supply 12 V Dc / 5A
Enclosure 1 U rack Enclosure
Facility Code Available
Time Zone / Access Levels 63 + 1 ( free Time Zone/Unlimited)
Time Zone Slots 4 Slots per Day
Holiday Settings 42
Model Matrix
Control Module
1 Intelligent Rack Access Controller/1U 2Door+TCPIP+Modubus+(Management Software/Single location/Acess Database Software/500 User/Max Data 60MB) RAC00
Operating Module
2 Operating Module / Keypad RAC-001
3 Operating Module Keypad / EM Card RAC-002
4 Operating Module Keypad / Mifare card RAC-003
5 Operating Module / Keypad + HID Prox card / 125Khz RAC-004
6 Operating Module /Keypad +HID I class / 13.5Mhz RAC-005
7 Operating Module / Keypad +Biometric Reader RAC-006
8 Operating Module / Keypad +EM Card +Biometric Reader RAC-007
9 Operating Module / Keypad + Mifare card+Biometric Re RAC-008
10 Operating Module / Keypad + HID Prox card / 124Khz+Biometric Reader RAC-009
11 Operating Module / Keypad +HID I class / 13.5Mhz+Biometric Reader RAC-010
Door Accessories
12 Swing Handle Lock / Mechatronics/1Point RAC-011-1
13 Swing Handle Lock / Mechatronics/3Point RAC-011-3
14 Swing Handle Lock / Mechatronics/4Point RAC-011-4
15 Door Status Switch RAC-012
16 Door Status Sensor RAC-013
Advanced ManagementSoftware
17 Management software / Multi-location / MS SQL database (Up to 1000 Users)SQL License in Customer Scope / SQL Express: 4GB & SQL License RAC-015

Over View- Management Software

Smart access is a new and latest access management software specially desigred for Rack access controller this software has unique feature of configuring various parameters at reader level instead of controller level as in download reader rather controller, thus offering more flexibility in defining the access designed and developed which can include any new product or controllers that would be introduced in future by Netrack

System Configuration

  • Windows 2000 or above - 80 GB Harddisk
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Mouse available

Features & Accessories

  • 1U Rack mountable easy to install with excellent regional support, Value added customization support
  • Reliable, robust and scalable solutions
  • Industry specific value added feature
  • Solutions give a complete configurable facility to control front and back door of server rack
  • Lock / unlock the access point depending upon the pre-configured access rules based on credentials and time
  • Plug & Play Mechatronic Locks and Readers with RJ45 Connectivity
  • Onboard TCP/IP, The versatile interface makes the devices technically very strong & user friendly. It gives a huge freedom to use the infrastructure either its existing or, upcoming SNMP Alerts: SNMP Alerts generated for various events i.e, Unauthorized Access, DOTL, Door Force Open, Etc.
  • Easy Remote Online Firmware Up-gradation, Device Has inbuilt capability for online firmware up-gradation
  • Transaction and user Capacity: It stores up to 50,000 User/Cards and up to 1,00,000 Transaction/Events
  • Data Security: Data can be Downloaded on the software by mapping the IP address of the controller making it more secure
  • Multi card Format Supported: Compatible with all latest card technology, HID-iClass, HID PROX, Mifare, EM Prox
  • Dual authentication ready. Card + PIN, Biometric + PIN

Mechatronics Locks

Readers / Operating ModulePower

Key Features 0f The Project

  • Bulk upload of cards
  • Finger or Card Identity for admin login - supports duress finger
  • User definable LCD messages
  • Multiple time zone
  • APBs: user wise soft, area wise, escort - Holidays: 42 (Reader Wise)
  • Controller No: Max 9999
  • Auto Downloading
  • Reset command from software
  • Self backup of Database
  • Report Format : excel, Xml, dbf, txt, csv
  • Crystal reports

Security Features

  • Audit Log available - Password Protected
  • Definable user Rights
  • Restriction of downloading from a particular company only using IP address


  • Access Report -10 Entry Report - FILO Report
  • Event Report
  • Unknown Transaction Report
  • Employee Report
  • Employee Access Level Report
  • Audit Report

Specifications For Rac 015

  • Multiuser
  • Multi Company
  • Multi Location
  • Employee Photograph
  • Visible online status when connected to PC
  • Displaying short Messages
  • Fingerprint Templates Management
  • Delay time to access successive punches from the same user

  • The Hot air returns to PAC through remaining area as shown in the Concept Drawing.
  • In this Concept Top panel is Perpendicular to Floor & Installed on the rack top panel vertically touches false ceiling, top panel is composite metal toughened glass / Poly carbonate for Lighting can be customized1
  • The Hot air returns to PAC through remaining area as shown in the Concept Drawing.
  • The Hot air returns to PAC through remaining area The Hot air returns to PAC through remaining area as shown in the Concept Drawing.
  • The Hot air returns to PAC through remaining area as shown in the Concept Drawing. area as shown in the Concept Drawing.
  • The Hot air returns to PAC through remaining area as shown in the Concept Drawing.