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DC Power Distribution Unit


DC Power Distribution (DCDB) is very important accessory for Telecom racks as majority of equipments work on DC voltage, NetRack after carefully studying the Requirements offer 120A to 2000 Amp systems with 20X3mm to 100X10mm high quality Coper BUSBARS with tapped hole for power cable Termination to mange different requirements in industry.

The Standard models of 19, 21 or 23 inch standard, Available with MCB mounting OR with out MCB Mounting can be 3U, 4U and 6U variants based Current and Internal configurations. DCDB can be customised based on special large Requirements.

Technical Specification

Model Matrix & Dimensions
Description Part Number
DCDB/3U/120A/20X3 Busbar-2 DCDB-3U-001
DCDB/3U/240A/20X6 Busbar-2 DCDB-3U-002
DCDB/3U/120A/20X3 Busbar-2/DinRail DCDB-3U-003
DCDB/3U/240A/20X6 Busbar-2/DinRail DCDB-3U-004
DCDB/4U/480A/40X6 Busbar-2 DCDB-4U-001
DCDB/4U/800A/40X10 Busbar-2 DCDB-4U-002
Power Distribution Unit
DC Power Distribution Board
Model Matrix & Dimensions
Description Part Number
DCDB/4U/480A/40X6 Busbar-2/DinRail DCDB-4U-003
DCDB/4U/800A/40X10 Busbar-2/DinRail DCDB-4U-004
DCDB/6U/1500A/75X10 Busbar-2 DCDB-6U-001
DCDB/6U/2000A/100X10 Busbar-2 DCDB-6U-002
DCDB/6U/1500A/75X10 Busbar-2/DinRail DCDB-6U-003
DCDB/6U/2000A/100X10 Busbar-2/DinRail DCDB-6U-004