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Standalone rack security solutions


  • Supports Single & 2-door
  • Controller Front / Rear Door simultaneously
  • Simple PIN programming
  • LED indicator and audible feedback for programming and lock status
  • Programmable PIN length supports up to 150 combinations
  • Non-volatile memory retains data after power is removed
  • Programmable door release time (1 to 98 Seconds)
  • Tamper switch provides output if keypad is removed from mounted surface
  • Lock out output provides alarm output after multiple failed access code attempts, programmable from 1-9 attempts (Applicable with 1-door controller)
  • Possibility to add 2 Readers i.e. front and Rear Doors
  • Manual override for emergency access

Technical Specification

Model Matrix
Description Part Code
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/1Point+1Point/Soutco RAC-014-01-S
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/1Point+3Point/Soutco RAC-014-02-S
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/3Point+3Point/Soutco RAC-014-03-S
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/4Point+3Point/Soutco RAC-014-04-S
Swing Handle Lock/ Mechatronic/2door/keypad/Standalone/4Point+4Point/Soutco RAC-014-05-S