Competitive Advantage

NetRack offers a complete suite of Network and Server Rack solutions to choose from which can be customized to meet Client preferences. The products include Power Distribution Units, Cable Organizers, Cable Runways, Lab Racks, Lab Tables, Wall Mount Racks, Fiber Distribution Units etc in addition to technology equipments.

NetRack offers its customers the advantage of pick and choose all under one roof, which eliminates the need for the Client to go scouting for other related products.Huge servers imply cable management issues.

NetRack with its expert team of technicians and engineers having years of experience to back them are capable of handling all these issues with ease. Our solutions are designed for scalability, performance enhancement and flexible to meet the growing demands of the business.

Although NetRack enclosures fall in the bracket of standard build- one- fit- all. We have the capability to design enclosures on demand to meet specific requirements. With our expertise we help you handle the pressures of the industry, face the volatility and adapt quickly to rapidchanges and developments.

NetRack empowers its Clients to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves and remain unfazed in the face of challenges.