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Thermal Management

Thermal Management


The Servers and Equipments used in Data Centre Solutions and Server Rooms generate a lot of heat and when these equipments are housed in the rack, manufacturer has to provide a system to take out the hot air and allow more cool air to enter front side of the Racks.

As explained in above drawing, the servers and equipments will breathe Cool air from Front side and exhaust from the back side this forced cooling happens through suction (Front) and exhaust (Back) fans provided inside the Server / Equipments by OEM. The air acts as a heat transfer media to take out the heat from the internal components to the outside of the equipment.

We at Netrack constantly working on increasing the Cool air flow inside the rack and exhaust the hot air and we have come out with below solutions to meet various site conditions and requirements.

NetRack understands challenges in high-density computing as this increases heat in the rack and Data Centre. Netrack Thermal management solutions are designed to handle large heat generated by IT equipments and servers, by improving airflow in the racks and also by preventing the mixing of Cool and Hot air. This ensures that your mission critical equipment runs cool with more reliability with an increased MTBF, saving energy costs and capital cost on the AC plant.

The Ready Accessories and solutions are,

  • Brush Tile
  • Brush Module for Cable Entry & Exit
  • Air Seal Kit
  • Front Filler Panels
  • Enhanced Rack Cooling
  • Hot & Cold Corridors
  • Air Diverter Solutions

All Products Design to reduces bypass of airflow and increases under-floor static pressure which in turn will help increase the cooling efficiencies, reduces running and infastructural costs. Helps to promote Hot Aisle / Cold Aisle best practices and improves air cooling performance and reduces carbon footprint.