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Grounding and Bonding Manufacturers


Today with requirement of electrical protection & safety require proper design of Grounding and Bonding at the design stage, NetRack understand the requirement of Grounding and Bonding solutions for IT infrastructure and mission critical equipments. offer complete range of Grounding and Bonding solutions for IT Room, Racks and Runway the products are properly designed to meet required standard in the industry.

Products range include, TMGB, TGB, Horizontal / vertical ground bus bar, bonding solution bond the Racks & Runway to bus bars.

Technical Specification

Model Matrix
Description Part No
Telecomunication Main Grounding bus bar Assembly/600X100X6mm TMGB-001
Telecomunication Grounding bus bar asemblly/600X50X6mm TGB-001
Universal Rack Ground Kit-Type 1 GBA-001-1
Rack Ground Bus bar/Horizantal/19X3/19" GBA-002-H-19
Rack Ground Bus bar/Vertcal/19X3/1800 GBA-002-V-1800
Rack Ground Bus bar/Vertcal/19X3/900 GBA-002-V-900
Bonding Cable Kit -2.5mm2/500MM GBA-003-001-500
Bonding Cable Kit-2.5mm2/250MM GBA-003-001-250
Bonding Cable Kit-4mm2/500MM GBA-003-002-500
Bonding Cable Kit-4mm2/250MM GBA-003-002-250