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A drastic rise has been observed in setting up of servers across various institutions all-round the globe. We, at Netrack provide a wide range of products to ensure the safety of servers, of the various size and depth. Our products like server racks and server cabinets, crafted from premium quality materials ensure the safe and proper installation and working of the servers. The complete Server racks and cabinets range that we provide at Netrackindia is durable, flexible and have been designed to incorporate variety of servers. Our products undergo strict inspection for quality at various stages of production to meet the ISO certification standard of 9001-2008.

The wide range of network racks and data center racks available at Netrack have been designed to meet the drastic increase in the size and number of the server rooms and data centers. The data center racks and networks racks have been designed keeping in mind various aspects of the server rooms such as huge cable density, heat dissipation, power consumption etc. Wide variety of racks is available at Netrack such as high density closed racks, medium density closed racks, open racks etc. The cold air corridors (CAC) and hot air corridors (HAC) available at Netrack also offer effective data center solutions.

The Server racks & cabinets have been crafted from 14 gauge steel sheet and are welded with four solid pillars in order to comply with the standards of the steel rack. The top and bottom of the racks are welded making use of 5 frames by incorporating reinforced frames which can be welded in the top and bottom. Also the support has been provided at bottom with a depth as required. The 14 gauge frame, reinforceddiagonally opposite by making use of four numbers of 50mm four folded 14 gauge frame. The server racks have been provided with front door perforation metal door and also fan has been mounted for adequate ventilation and also lock and key system is provided for these arrangements. We, at Netrackindia also offer back vented racks with a perforated metal door which also comes with a lock and key system with partly vented plain and side panels, and it is available with dual side panel. Network cabinets are provided and have been mounted on 4 caster wheels with two front wheel brake system.The Standard 42 RU profiles with 650, 800, 1000, and 1200deep different combinations come along with 600 and 800 with configurations is available.

There is a wide variety of products available for every type of data center solutions like high density closed racks also come in different series like NRSE series and NHDC series to meet every type of industry requirement. Similarly in open rack solution we offer variety of products like 2 posts and 4 post racks and also in 4 post racks various configurations are available.

At Netrack Johannesburg, South Africa we ensure that our server racks and server cabinets meet the increasing market demands and we are able to fulfill the ever increasing and changing demand for server racks and server cabinets in various data centers and networking labs.

Technical Specification

Technical Data

Basic Frame Steel folded
Construction Welded
Top & Bottom Cover Bolted to Frame with Cable entry exit cut outs
Front Door Lockable Toughened Glass Door Or Lockable Perforated steel Door
Rear Door Lockable Steel Door – Plain/ Vented/ Perforated
19” Mounting Angle Formed Steel
Std. Equipment Mounting DIN Std. 10 mm Sq. Slots
Standard Finish Powder coated
Standard Colour Grey & Off white OR Black
Standard Mounting Caster wheels (2 with Brake & 2 without Brake)OR Levelers Or Plinth
Rack Standard Conforms to DIN 41494 or equivalent standard
Static Load 750 Kg with casters 1250 Kg with Levelers/Plinth

Model Matrix & Dimensions

NRS Series H h W w D d
42U600X650 2112 42U 600 19" 1000 900
42U600X800 2112 42U 600 19" 1200 1100
42U600X1000 2112 42U 600 19"/27" 1000 900
42U600X1200 2112 42U 600 19"/27" 1200 1100

Abbreviations : H - Overall height, h- Usable height, W - Overall width, w- Usable width, D – Overall depth, d- Usable depth
1U = 44.45 MM
Note : Other models can be manufactured on request.

Features & Accessories


  • Conforms to DIN 41494 or Equivalent EIA /ISO/ EN/CEA Standard
  • Adjustable mounting depth
  • 4 No Adjustable. 19” verticals with Punched 10mm Squarer Hole and Universal 12.7 mm-15.875 mm- 15.875 mm alternating hole pattern offers greater mounting flexibility, maximizes usable mounting space.
  • Numbered U positions
  • Universal 25mm Pitch Holes For ETSI Standard Racks
  • State-of-the art manufacturing methods provide the best product quality and fastest delivery in the industry
  • 100% assured compatibility with all equipments conforming to DIN 41494 (General industrial standard for equipments)
  • Powder coated finish with Seven tank pretreatment process meeting ASTM standard
  • Grounding & Bonding Options
  • Fan module Mount Provision on top Cover


  • Cable Basket
  • Adapter Kit
  • Ganging Kit
  • Angle Pair
  • Fixed Shelf
  • Cantilever Shelf
  • Sliding Shelf
  • Key Board Shelf
  • Power Distribution Units.
  • Cable Oragnisers.
  • Fans and Fan Modules.
  • Rack Ground Kit
  • Plinth
  • Casters
  • Levelers

Note: Other Colour powder coating, ETSI Std. Racks and Other models can be manufactured on request.

Model Matrix & Dimensions

NRA / NRS Series H h W w D d
42 U 600 x 650 2095 1896 600 500 650 550
42 U 600 x 800 2095 1896 600 500 800 700
42 U 600 x 1000 2115 1896 600 500 1000 900
  • 1U = 44.45 mm Note: Other models can be manufactured on request.
  • Fans and Fan Modules
  • Rack Ground Kit
  • Plinth
  • Casters
  • Levellers