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Intelligent Locking Monitoring Solutions


NetRack along with EMKA / Southco provide integrated solution on locking, protecting, monitoring & alarming as the requirements on control of facilities in server rooms and computer centers have changed clearly.

Requirements of today:

  • Improved data security
  • Protection against unauthorized access
  • Logging of all event
  • Parameter controlled supervision
  • Triggering of planned measures
  • Connection to super ordinated management systems

Today’s integrated system solutions must provide these capabilities - absolutely reliable, scalable and economical. Of course the suitable locking solution has to be included too. This product assures complete solution from one hand, which has the decisive features. Our modular designed systems can be easily adapted to the customer's needs. The ELM control software allows for convenient control of all processes and access regulations

The 19" rack mount unit can be equipped individually and is a universally usable and convenient plug-and-play solution