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Power Management Solutions


For data center and lab managers who are concerned about the utilization and the cost of power, Power IQ enables you to reduce capital and operating expenditures by providing the information and controls you need to be more energy efficient and fully utilize your existing power infrastructure.

Through one Web browser , the scalable Power IQ manages any SNMP-metered device. You have the ability to add new devices on your own. Support is preinstalled and tested for APC®, Avocent®, BayTech®, Cyber Switching®, Cyclades®, Eaton, Geist, HP®, Knurr®, Liebert, MRV®, NetBotz, Raritan, Rittal®, Server Technology®, Sinetica, Starline TrackBusway, Tripp Lite and UNITE™.

Technical Specification

Efficiently Utilize Energy

Power IQ provides you with valuable information and automated control that can help you gain efficiencies in the data center right away, including:

  • Baseline energy consumption and track changes by IT device, rack, zone, customer, department and data center
  • Easily seeing if you are operating within industry-accepted – and server manufacturers’ recommended – temperature and humidity ranges
  • Estimated savings calculation from increasing temperature to upper limit of recommendations
  • Temperature threshold alert monitoring and trending, to safely manage environmental conditions
  • Energy cost billback reports with one click
  • Remote power on/off outlet groups
  • Agentless graceful shutdown of system operating systems

User-Configurable Energy Management Dashboard

  • Display on large screen in slide show mode with real-time updates
  • Configurable size, layout and charts
  • Display power and environmental health, energy capacity and consumption, weather services, maps, video and much more

Make Informed Capacity Planning Decisions

Power IQ supplies actual load of IT devices under computing stress to provide you with better planning information.

  • Collect short- and long-term data and compare to rated capacity to update design assumptions
  • Monitor trends, alerts and threshold violations to understand future needs
  • Power capacity meter will provide you forecasted “days of energy supply

Power and Energy Analytics

Create an unlimited number of charts, such as active power by rack, carbon footprint by building, department billback and total energy consumption.

Cooling Chart

Understand if you are compliant with manufacturers’ and industry-accepted recommendations, and project how much you can save by increasing room ambient temperatures.

Power Capacity “Days of Supply” Forecast

Create an unlimited number of charts, such as active power by rack, carbon footprint by building, department billback and total energy consumption. Understand your real-time power load, rate of change and forecasted trends at all levels of your infrastructure with our capacity forecast charts.

PDU Page

View details about the PDU, such as manufacturer, model,serial number, firmware, voltage and current ratings,location and status.