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Patch Rack / Runway specially designed for mounting patch panels on the runway in sever rooms, data centre and labs. Racks manufactured out of steel sheet punched, formed, welded and Powder coated with highest quality standards under stringent ISO 9001-2008 Manufacturing & Quality management system to ensure highest quality product.

Technical Specification

Model Matrix & Dimensions
Patch Rack / Runway Part No. H h W w D
Patch Rack/Runway with Universal Mount kit/2U/Powder coated RWA-013-2-PC 125 2U 514 19 80
Patch Rack/Runway with Universal Mount kit/3U/Powder coated RWA-013-3-PC 170 3U 514 19 80
Patch Rack/Runway with Universal Mount kit/4U/Powder coated RWA-013-4-PC 242 4U 514 19 80
Patch Rack/Runway with Universal Mount kit/6U/Powder Coated RWA-013-6-PC 334 6U 514 19 80

Features & Accessories


  • Conforms to DIN 41494 or Equivalent EIA / ISO / EN / CEA Standard
  • Formed Steel 19” verticals with Punched 10mm Square Hole and Universal 12.7mm-15.875mm-15.875mm alternating hole pattern offers greater mounting flexibility, maximizes usable mounting space.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing methods provide the best product quality and fastest delivery in the industry
  • 100% assured compatibility with all equipments conforming to DIN 41494 (General industrial standard for equipments)
  • Powder coated finish with Seven tank pretreatment process meeting ASTM standard
  • Grounding & Bonding Options
  • Universal Clamp Kit for mounting on straight and cross member of runway either above or below the runway
  • Standard supply include Cable Loop 90 X 85 mm for Cable Management.


  • 1U = 44.45 mm
  • Other models can be manufactured on request


H - Overall height

h - Usable height

W - Overall width

w - Usable width

D - Overall depth