Netrack is a leading plinth manufacturer, helping businesses in many parameters. The large opening in the server rack Plinth corner piece allows it to be screwed directly from the front. The clip-in-trim panels also help you have fast access of the base plinth for easy operations.

Technical Specification

Model Matrix & Dimensions
Description Part No. Construction Static Load KGS
Plinth/600X650/ 50MM Height P-600-650-50 Formed Steel & Powder Coated 1500
Plinth/600X800/ 50MM Height P-600-800-50
Plinth/600X1000/ 50MM Height P-600-1000-50
Plinth/600X1200/ 50MM Height P-600-1200-50
Plinth/800X800/ 50MM Height P-800-800-50
Plinth/800x1000/ 50MM Height P-800-1000-50
Plinth/800x1200/ 50MM Height P-800-1200-50
Plinth/600X650/ 100MM Height P-600-650-100
Plinth/600X800/ 100MM Height P-600-800-100
Plinth/600X1000/ 100MM Height P-600-1000-100
Plinth/600X1200/ 100MM Height P-600-1200-100
Plinth/800X800/ 100MM Height P-800-800-100
Plinth/800x1000/ 100MM Height P-800-1000-100
Plinth/800x1200/ 100MM Height P-800-1200-100