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Lab Table Accessories

Lab Table


The Table frame is made of 50X25X2MM / or 100X50X2MM high quality structural tube and designed completely modular. NetRack offers both ESD & Non ESD table and completed ESD accessories

General scope includes modular Frame, ESD or non ESD post formed centre tabletops, Lipped bottom tabletops and Cantilever shelf. The lab table dimensions (Height, Depth and Length) is customer specific.

Features & Accessories


  • Completely Knock down construction
  • Composite construction basic frame-Steel powder coated to meet ASTM standard
  • Table top made of Post formed / Lipped tabled tops
  • Cable channel for both vertical and horizontal cable management
  • Vertically adjustable Power Distribution and Data Distribution Channels
  • Casters and Levellers for moving and aligning to suit site conditions
  • Vertically Adjustable Earthing strips, DIN Rails with support to suit different lab environments


  • Cable Organizers
  • Data Distibution Channel
  • DIN Rail Channel
  • Drawer Units
  • Key Board Shelf
  • 19” Rack/Arrangement
  • ESD Accessories-
  • Anti-Static Mat
  • Table Ground Kit
  • Wrist Band
  • Equipment Ground Kit