Noisy server reduced our employee's productivity

We were under an impression that we had the best IT infrastructure and our employees were comfortably working here; however, our employees were not doing well as expected. After analyzing the issue, we understood that they were affected by the unprecedented noise produced by the IT Equipment’s. We found that it was unbearably loud and those working close to Racks had to suffer maximally. They could not converse or discuss freely. We had to do something quickly for the well-being of our employees and improve their productivity. Our situation demanded an appropriate & cost-effective solution to ease the issue which would provide the best working environment for our employees.

Netrack’s approach

When we met Netrack with our issue, we were surprised to know that they were already aware of such unhealthy working condition in Engineering Labs and Office Space. They suggested us “AcoustiRack,” which implements active noise cancellation technology (ARA) that reduces reduce the noise level up to 30dB. Therefore, Installing Acoustirack was indeed a smart solution as it relieved the employees from the physical and psychological illness due to the exposure to chronic noise pollution.


We are extremely pleased with the Acoustirack product. It has not only resolved our issue but has also improved employee's productivity and the growth of the company. We thank Netrack for their excellent support and authentic solutions. They have a fabulous team who has done a brilliant job in organizing and accomplishing the installation process.

Features and benefits offered by Acoustirack

1. The AccoustiRack is Self-Contained and manages heat Load up to 7 KW along with Noise Reduction up to 30 DB.

2. The AccoustiRack by NetRack is ergonomically and aesthetically well designed. It is elegant in appearance and occupies less space.

3. The AccoustiRack eliminates the need for a dedicated sound proof room which can effectively save valuable space and Cost.

4. In built 2 No ASFT (Active Silencer Fan Tray) for air circulation with active noise cancellation. With Built in Redundancy.

5. AccoustiRack is Rated IP 50 to Ensure Dust Free Air flow and Environment inside the Rack.