Required a cost-effective dedicated DC setup

As we were planning to move out of the co-location DC setup and build our own in-house DC, we knew that we had our constraints in terms of investments and space availability. However, we wanted a quick solution that would enable us to manage the space and is well within the budget. We were also particular about implementing a solution that would not compromise on data security. Therefore, we were looking a best solution provider for our concerns, who could recommend the best options keeping our constraints and apprehensions in mind.

Solution offered by Netrack

Netrack analyzed our concern and came out with the best solution which satisfied our requirements. The iRack Block suggested by Netrack is used to host the Servers and Open Rack for networking. It is encompassed with the best accessories such as Air Seal Kit, Blanking panel and also has the better provision for managing cables and wires. The IRack Block provides better airflow management at the rack level and is power –efficient.


We are very grateful to Netrack for providing precise and accurate solution meeting our demands. We thank their team for their support in installing the rack. For any issues in future related to networking, Netrack would be our one-stop solution.

Features and benefits of iRack block

1. As the iRack block comes with inbuilt closed loop cooling, it facilitates to eliminate the need for a raised floor.

2. It is provided with intelligent locking and cooling redundancy which helps to provide better physical security and meets the cooling requirements.

3. As the solution is modular, the customer can comfortably scale the Rack and the cooling Unit with very less downtime.