Data Center Pulse

The data center has become the bedrock on which business value is built. Due to the inexorable trend of processing more and more data, the building & management of these data centers grew in complexity. The major issues observed at Air flow management, Power and environmental management/ Monitoring and finally Rack Physical security.

Netrack's Approach

To help address this issue, Netrack suggested highly agile and energy efficient data center solutions.

The 1200 Deep Server and Network racks from 42U to 52U Height offered with Complete Air flow and cable management Accessories as part of the rack. which includes, Air Seal Kit, blanking panel, proper cable management accessories, Brush panels/ tiles, thereby achieving effective airflow management at the Rack Level to eliminate thermal short circuit and hot spots. The containment solution added to further enhance the efficiency of Cooling,

NetRack Offered Intelligent PDU with Power and Environmental Management and Monitoring capabilities integrating the Intelligent Lock to management software to complete solution.


NetRack's dynamic solution has allowed the temperature climb to halt and in fact we have increased the temperature to 5 Degree approximately saving 25% of cooling cost. Netrack has improved our working environment by rethinking the data center Design, adding energy efficiency to a list of critical operating parameters that already includes serviceability, reliability, PUE. We would continue our association with them for their innovative solutions and improved efficiency.