Heat & cable management was our concern

We had some major concerns regarding Data Center management. Our data center consists of thousands of server units to support a large number of users. Heat management, organizing cable systems and weight management were some of the issues that required immediate attention. Unorganized cables increased mishaps and also released heat from cables. It raised the heat levels, which required additional coolers to reduce the heat radiation. It subsequently increased the power consumption, thereby increasing energy bills. We wanted a quick, stable and an effective solution to manage heat, cable, and power in our data center.

Netrack’s suggestion

After placing our issues with Netrack, they suggested a comprehensive and a unique solution to overcome the issue. The data center solutions by Netrack provides effective cooling and improved cable management solution. It comprises of a variety of products which includes corridors, thermal management products, enhanced cooling solution, brush tile, and air seal kit.

The Result

The complete data center solution offered by Netrack improved the data center setup and organized our work environment. Their futuristic solution helped to provide a better workplace for the employees. The Netrack team has executed an outstanding job. We would continue our association with them for all our future requirements.

Features and benefits offered by Data center solutions

1. It is essential to implement an improved airflow management technique to achieve minimum losses and prevent thermal short circuit due to the mixing of hot and cold air.

2. The corridor concept helps in separating hot and cold air which can achieve by closing both ends of cold aisle using doors.

3. The cabinet is fitted with plinth, Rack side Thermal Sealing and blanking panels between the equipment.

4. It allowed cold air to pass through the equipment alone keeping it cool always. This setup maintained a constant temperature at the top and the bottom end of the rack and hence managed heat to a larger extent.

5. NetRack also offers a high-quality brush tile which helps to reduce cold air leakage.

6. The cable running underneath raised floors can be managed properly using brush tiles without causing damage to cables.

7. It could be easily replaced with existing noise-canceling and prevents pollution due to tile cutting.

8. Netrack provides effective cable organizers with shorter power ends to manage cable wires.

9. The cable organizer helps to segregate and organize cables, remarkably.